Letty Flohr



bridging the gap
between thinking & doing…

“The mind is powerful, emotions are powerful. Learn how to direct them.” —Letty



There is much to do in this fast-paced world. We are often pulled into many directions. It’s easy to default into “shoulds”, stress, and overwhelm. We know what we need to do but we resist. Connect with your knowing so you can release the blocks and limitations that keep you from living the life you want. Learn ways to empty, quiet, and direct the mind and emotions so you come present with yourself in a greater way.


• Create a morning routine that brings calm, clarity, and focus
• Learn techniques to slow down, quiet the mind, and come present
• Let go of old habits and integrate new habits that are supportive, uplifting and in alignment with your goals
• Incorporate positive self-talk
• Create ideal scenes and receive the assistance you need to take actionable steps toward them
• Be kind and gentle with yourself
• Work with self-defeating behaviors
• Experience greater awareness of yourself — body, mind, and spirit
• Develop self-trust by showing up and keeping agreements
• Identify limiting beliefs and transforming them into affirmations
• Learn to seek approval and validation from self rather than others