Letty Flohr



“What I love about restorative yoga is that when I am in the restorative yoga pose, the pose does the work. There is no doing on my part, instead just BE-ing happens.”

In today’s world we often pride ourselves on doing multiple tasks at once—yet we also have a great need and yearning to relax and rest deeply. When we relax deeply into ourselves, we quiet ourselves and naturally connect with what is truly important. As a result, all is in balance from the inside-out. When we are balance, we connect to our whole self and we come present.

Restorative yoga is a gentle and simple process that allows us to breathe fully, relax completely and re-member ourselves, our bodies and our lives. It’s “relax on demand”. Experience restorative yoga and bring the practice back with you so you can produce the same relaxation effect right in your own home and at work. Learning how to relax-on-demand, anytime, anywhere, is an essential life skill.

Letty has been practicing restorative yoga since 2000. She has been a certified Relax and Renew® Yoga Teacher since 2003 as taught by the Senior Iyengar Yoga Master Judith Lasater, PhD.