Letty Flohr





The philosophy is a simple one: “Take care of yourself so you can choose to take care of others.” This philosophy is intended to enable you to participate at work and at home from a place of overflow rather than depletion. Sole to Soul® “Taking Care of Me” workshops are designed to provide participants with practical life skills to invoke greater awareness, wisdom and inner peace. Each “Taking Care of Me” workshop addresses the whole person - body, mind and spirit. This is a great way to share these essential life skills with your friends, family, co-workers or employees, to enhance self-care, relationships and productivity.


Real-life Guide to Personal Self-Care
Why do we generally think we know how to take care of everyone else but ourselves? Learn how taking care of yourself is a way of taking care of others. Learn ways to “get started” on a personal care program that supports your body, mind and spirit!

Releasing Stress and Creating Balance 
Balance is not about running fast enough to touch all the bases in your life every day. Don’t miss this opportunity to release stress from the body, mind and spirit. Uncover one easy practical next step that will result in greater balance both at home and at work.

Stress-busters at Your Desk
Learn quick and easy stretches, breathing techniques, and other practical ways you can release stress and support your body, mind and spirit at your desk. It’s easy to get things done and be your best when you are calm and relaxed. 

Personal Health, Fitness, and Well-Being Plan
Participate in a lifestyle awareness survey. This is a time to pause and evaluate where you are and where you want to go. Validate what is working in your life and what’s not, and explore new ways to support yourself in greater health, fitness and well-being. You will be provided with strategies and easy-to-use tips in how to balance your life. Walk away with actionable next step in co-creating a lifestyle you want.

The Gift of Listening
Too often the messages we send are not received. Learn powerful listening skills that can enrich your relationships at work and at home. You will learn how to keep communications clear through active listening and perception checking.

The Art of Positive Self-Talk
Many of us have an inner critic that runs us. This negative self-talk is not always obvious; sometimes they are subtle. They not only undermine us but keep us from moving toward our goal. Learn to consciously choose to redirect this dialogue so you are in alignment with your positive intentions and goals.

Exercising Smart
Learn how exercise can energize your body, bring mental clarity, and lift your spirit. This is for anyone who wants to re-start a personal exercise program or get more out of their current program. Letty will share the “tricks of the trade” on heart-rate monitoring, breathing, mind-body connection and other fundamentals to keep you engaged and motivated. Most importantly, pick up some takeaway strategies and attitudes to make exercise easy, fun, and purposeful so you can make it part of your everyday.