Letty Flohr



Inner peace
is your natural state

“You create your own ‘light bulb’ experiences. Those experiences are transformative because they vibrate your truth. My intention is to provide a safe space so you can explore those places inside of you where truth resides.”



Hear that clear voice inside by taking all the energy that is placed out in the world, and gathering it back into you
so you can recenter, re-balance, and come present to the stillness inside.
When you rest deeply inside, all the non-essentials fall away, and you have the opportunity to hear the heart speak.


• Guided meditation and visualization
• Applying simple breathing techniques for greater self-awareness and for living in the present moment
• Techniques to slow down, unplug from the world, and come into stillness
• Attuning to your inner guidance (the wisdom of your loving heart)
• Activating the loving and peace inside of you in the midst of a challenging situation
• Seeing through the eyes of loving
• Seeing the good
• Applying loving in areas that hurt, that need healing and balancing
• Loving yourself as you are
• Resting deeply into self, listen inwardly